Christian Center for the Arts

Info/Forms/Tuition Costs

General Information

School Days: Wednesdays only

Time: 9am - 1:45pm

Age Range: 9 -18


Fall Term: September - November  {Dates TBA}

An Art Exhibit and Revue will take place at the end of every term. This is a great opportunity for the students to show their best work that they've worked so hard on all term long. There is a People's Choice vote at every exhibit where family and friends can vote on their favorite artwork in numerous categories. Be sure to check the newsletter for details on our End-of-term Exhibit and Revue.

 **MSOA reserves the right to use any and all artwork created at our school for advertising material to promote our school and also for publication on our website.

Pre-registration Enrollment (signing up for classes)

Open enrollment   -

To enroll, first review the course schedule above.  Send an email to  indicating the class(es) your child(ren) wish to take. Please also list alternate options in case classes are full. All enrollment is based on a first come-first serve process.


Foundational Studies Application - All students must turn in an application every term unless the annual option is chosen.

Medical Release Form -  All students under the age of 18 must fill out a medical form to be filed in our school office.

Agreement Form - All students will need to complete this updated form.

Scholarship Application - Please mail application to P.O. Box 82, Clackamas OR 97015 (be sure to note you are applying for the Salem Satellite School)


A limited amount of scholarships are available every term for full-time students only. Students must RE-APPLY every term for a scholarship. The MSOA school board will make final decisions regarding acceptance. The board will determine acceptance based on financial need and hardships. We expect all scholarship families to participate in our fundraisers every term. Our fundraisers are what provide us the opportunity to offer scholarships.

Tuition Costs and Fees *** Note Lower Costs

Registration Cost:

A $35 non-refundable registration fee is due at the beginning of every term.  This is due for every student.
Alternatively, you may register for the entire school year with a $60 non-refundable registration fee that covers both fall and spring terms.  Not only will you save $10 and fill out fewer forms, you will also be considered 'pre' registered for the spring term. This option is only applicable in the fall at the beginning of the school year.

Tuition Prices for Spring 2017:

Wednesday School (12 week term)

1 class - Was $50/month  Now only $45 per month     ($135.00 total) + ($15 supply fee) = $150.00
2 classes - Was $95/month  Now only $85 per month     ($255.00 total) + ($20 supply fee) = $275.00
3-4 classes (full time) - Was $130/month  Now only $110 per month ($330 total)+($30 supply fee) = $360.00 

Tuition is paid the first class day of every month for all students. 

‚ÄčSupply Fee:

A supply fee is due once at the beginning of every term for all students and must be paid with the first month's tuition.  This fee is per student, not per family.  This helps MSOA to cover the cost of the supplies they provide such as paper, pencils, erasers, ink, etc. There also may be additional supplies you will need to purchase for certain classes. See individual class descriptions for details. 

1 class: $15 Supply Fee
2 classes: $20 Supply Fee
3-4 classes / Full Time: $30 Supply Fee

Paint Kit Fee:

For those students enrolling in acrylic painting classes, we can supply a paint kit with 8 tubes of paint and 5 brushes.  These kits are $50.   The payment for the kit should be paid by the first day of classes. NOTE:  It is not necessary to purchase our kit.  You are free to purchase your own supplies.  There will be an additional fee of $10 for oil painting.  Requirements are noted in the painting class description page.  

Tuition Discounts:

For full-time students only, we offer a 20% sibling discount on tuition.  A student must be taking 3-4 classes to be considered full-time. To receive the 20% discount, all students would need to be enrolled full time.  Example:  Student 1 is enrolled full time, pays full tuition.  Student 2 is enrolled full time and receives 20% tuition discount.  Any additional siblings could also qualify for the 20% discount as long as they also are enrolled full time.

All students are still required to pay the registration and supply fees, even when receiving the sibling discount and/or scholarship.  These fees are per student, not per family.


For any admissions questions, please contact: