Christian Center for the Arts


Testimonies of Parents and Students

"This year, my grandparents gave me the gift of MSOA tuition.  At first I had no idea what to expect, being my first time at an art school, but the instruction was amazing! (not to mention the teachers!)

Many areas of my art have been greatly improved, thanks to the teaching I've received.  Color pencil and portrait (thanks Moriah), drawing, painting and creative writing (thank you Evie), cartooning (thank you Tim), and finally painting 2 (thank you Laura).  I hope and pray the Salem school will have the opportunity to grow by purchasing a permanent building.  I look forward to taking higher level classes in many areas and to participate in the internship program if the school comes to Salem full time.  Thank you soooo much, MSOA staff and teachers, for what you have done here!"  ~Sean Magee,  age 15


"I want to thank MSOA for their devotion to the students, the progress they make, and the character they help instill in them with their unwavering faithfulness to Christ!  I also want to say thank you for giving our family this opportunity to be involved with more classes than we could afford by graciously offering us a partial scholarship.  My scholarship student has expressed his pleasure with his growing abilities in drawing and his greater appreciation of art around him.  Thank you for keeping your tuition affordable, and for making it possible for larger families to participate in your classes!"

~Shannon Magee, parent of Sean, age 15 and Andrew, age 13 


"Our daughter, Maddie, has been greatly impacted by MSOA.  She has always loved creating art.  MSOA is providing her with the tools to go beyond what she ever thought possible.  It is giving her a safe environment to learn and grow both personally and artistically.  Her teachers have become wonderful role models.  Through her classes she is gaining insight into the person God has created her to be."

~Lysa Wilson , parent of Maddie Wilson, age 10

"MSOA has been a huge blessing for my daughter. I always knew she had some natural ability, but MSOA has made her into a young artist! The fact that she is surrounded by Godly, caring teachers makes the atmosphere truly Christ-honoring. MSOA factored heavily into our decision to keep homeschooling!" ~Tamra Burleson, parent of Elizabeth Burleson, age 11.